Did Drake Dump Jay Z’s TIDAL for Apple?

In recent months, Jay-Z’s music streaming service, Tidal, has come under fire. There have been rumors and reports about artists jumping ship, internal conflict and failed business strategies.

On Monday, Apple revealed a multitude of products and services for Apple users at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015. Celebrities like rapper and singer Drake and filmmaker J.J Abrams were at the San Francisco conference.

Drake was there to promote Apple Music. He said that the company’s new streaming service is a way for artists and their fans to interact better.

“Focus on your body of work. Instead of having to post your stuff on these different and sometimes confusing places, it’s all in one place: and that is Connect,” explains Drake.

One of the most surprising announcements was that Drake’s newest album will drop on the Apple Music service. That leaves many to wonder why not drop the album on Tidal and what happened to his business relationship with Jay-Z. Those questions have yet to be answered.

Connect, the social aspect of the streaming service, is designed to allow big and small artists to share and connect with fans with lyrics, behind-the-scenes photos, remixes and more.

“Apple’s shuttered social music network hinged on connecting listeners to artists. However, Drake stressed how Apple’s new solution, unlike competitors like, say, Spotify and Tidal, is a simple and elegant one for fans and musicians alike,” reports writer Kwame Opam for The Verge.

Also, there has been rumors of a $19 million contract with Drake. At this moment, that can’t be confirmed.

5 Of The Biggest Problems That May Doom Jay-Z’s Tidal Streaming Service

31-tidal-press-conference.w1403.h933.2xThe Pitch

When Tidal was launched March 30, many of the music industry’s heavy-hitters were backing up Jay Z’s new business venture. Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Madonna stood on a stage to present a streaming service that gives the money to the artists, where it belongs.

The problem is that all of these artists combined are worth well north of a billion dollars. If Jay Z wanted to make the case for the struggling artists, get the struggling artists out front and center stage. Make them the mouthpiece because it is difficult to sympathize with the extremely wealthy.  However, Beyonce and others could help promote the service later on, just not initially.