Actor, Author Hill Harper Reaches Out to Minority Children: ‘Manifest Your Destiny’

Veteran actor and established author Hill Harper is ready to revolutionize the lives of young minorities, particularly African-Americans and Latinos, by encouraging them to take control of their futures and manifest their destiny.

Back in 2005, Harper founded the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, which is dedicated to providing “underserved youth a path to empowerment and educational excellence” through mentorships and other hands-on methods to help prepare the youth for a successful future.

The nonprofit set its roots in Los Angeles before expanding to Washington, D.C., earlier this year.

For Harper, it was important that he painted a brighter picture of the future for many troubled youths because he knew the present-day reality was often pretty bleak.

At the D.C. launch of the nonprofit in June, Harper explained that without the right tools and resources for success, many Black and Latino children will end up behind bars if they drop out of school.

“If you are an African-American or Latino male or female in this country, and you drop out of high school, there’s almost an 80 percent chance that you will wind up incarcerated at some point in your life,” Harper said at the launch, according to “I want to do something about that. That’s why I created Manifest Your Destiny.”

It’s a powerful organization with a strong message and a clear purpose – “To enhance, engage, empower and inspire youth toward a future of achievement, fulfillment and happiness.”

Harper has become so passionate about the mission that he has funded most of the organization’s efforts himself.

He explained that the organization has a program called the Summer Empowerment Academy that is specifically geared toward resolving the dropout crisis.

Thanks to Harper, the program is completely free for all who want to be a part.

“It’s completely free to the participants,” he added. “It’s funded chiefly by me, personally.”

Harper has also revealed that many of the young people he works with have never even been on a college campus.

With that in mind, he decided to hold many of the organization’s activities on college campuses.

“We subliminally plant the seed in a young person’s head that they feel comfortable on a college campus,” he explained.

Harper is currently working on raising more money for the nonprofit in order to continue its national expansion.