Apple Watch Makes Its Online Debut as Mixed Reviews Make It Unclear Whether It’s Worth the Money

After much anticipation from general tech lovers and Apple fans alike, the Apple Watch is finally making its big debut. But is it living up to all the hype?

That’s a hard question to answer considering the fact that the watches only became available to order this week although tech reporters got a first glance at the new devices.

Based on the reviews, however, people still aren’t too sure how to feel about the watches.

That didn’t stop them from rushing online to get their own Apple Watch though.

While the Apple Watch didn’t have an overflow of rave reviews that Apple products usually garner, it quickly sold out online and was placed on back order for many consumers who were ready to shovel out at least $350 for the cheapest model.

There is no general consensus out yet on whether the watches are worth the hefty price tag.

The New York Times insisted that the watch is hard to appreciate until you really take the time to figure out how to use it, which is easier said than done.

Unlike today’s releases of new cellphones or iPads, the publication warns that there is a pretty “steep learning curve” for the watch.

That’s, of course, only to be expected considering the fact that the smart watch business is a relatively new venture.

Others praised Apple’s new device as the best on the market, but others had a clear message for those trying to decide if they should give up a few hundred dollars to own one.

“You don’t need one,” another review quipped.

Not to mention the staggering price tag that left many longtime Apple followers feeling a little betrayed and cheated.

“What was Apple thinking with these breath-catchingly high prices,” an article from Yahoo questioned. “Is it hoping to depict these as exclusive, rarefied, aspirational products? By offering a $10,000 model, is it hoping to make the $350 and $550 watches look like bargains?”

It isn’t clear what drove Apple to release the watches with such hefty price tags, but in all fairness it’s not as if Apple built a brand of affordability.

Should anyone really be surprised that the tech giant is charging so much for its debut smart watch?

The only thing that’s really shocking is the fact that Apple’s new watch seems to be riddled with the kind of bugs you wouldn’t expect from such an expensive gadget.

Tech reviews have complained about the watch’s slow speed, short battery life and lack of a charging stand unless you’re trying to purchase the $10,000 model.

Ultimately, the watches release only proved how strong of a following Apple has garnered and how loyal these consumers are.

There have not been many reports that justify the watch’s prices while there are a collection boasting cheaper smart watches that are arguably more appealing than Apple’s version.

Either way, consumers will have to wait until April 24, when consumers actually start getting their hands on the watches, to see if the watch really measures up to expectations.