13 Amazing Books That Will Spark The Mind Of Your Young Black Child

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“Papa, Do You Love Me?” by Barbara M. Joosee

Papa Do You Love Me? is the follow up to the best-selling Mama, Do You Love Me?. Set in Africa and featuring the Maasai culture, the book captures the universal love between a father and child.

Grades K – 3

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“Through My Eyes” Ruby Bridges

On November 14, 1960, a tiny six-year-old black child, surrounded by federal marshals, walked through a mob of screaming segregationists and into her school. From where she sat in the school’s office, Ruby Bridges could see parents marching through the halls and taking their children out of classrooms. The next day, Ruby courageously walked through the angry mob once again and into a school where, this time, she saw no other students.This is the story of a pivotal event in history told as Ruby Bridges saw it unfold around her.