Interview With Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong: ‘You Are In Control Of Your Destiny’

This is an interview with Mario Armstrong, a digital lifestyle expert, a TV personality, a parent, and an entrepreneur. Armstrong has been featured on The TODAY Show and a few other places. Mario is a committed husband and dad, and recognizes his commitment to his family first and foremost. Mario talks about why, in business, it’s important to build a community BEFORE you need it, and the challenges of getting his own TV show.

Video credit: James Oliver, Jr. is a husband to an amazing wife, Ayana, and co-founder of the world’s cutest twins, Thaddeus and Zoe. James is a tech entrepreneur who successfully raised private investment capital for his startup, WeMontage, the world’s only website that lets you turn your photos into large collages on removable wallpaper. James graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Morehouse College and has an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill. Follow @jamesoliverjr on twitter and via treplifedad on Facebook and G+. You can connect with James via his lifestyle blog for parent<