In Upcoming Season, Changes in Store for ‘Archer’ Fans

The entire cast of Adam Reed’s Archer came together at New York Comic Con to discuss the major changes fans can expect from the FX show’s new season.

Less cocaine, less country, more Barry, new parents and the same twisted comedy.

While that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what the new season will hold, it certainly brings up some serious points of interest.

As the animated series prepares to dive into its sixth season, the cast members opened up about what fans should expect.

Perhaps the biggest new change will be the fact that the new season will be largely focusing on Archer and Lana as new parents.

The pair will be raising their daughter Abijean the best way they can, but that still seems to fall well below the standards of most parents.

The cast hinted that all the inappropriate jokes will still remain in the show with many of them happening in front of the newborn baby.

There will also be a change of scenery for the animated characters. The team will be moving back to their old office after spending an entire season in Cheryl’s mansion.

The office will boast a new name, however, after Reed decided to drop the name ISIS for very good reason.

In the show, ISIS stood for International Secret Intelligence Service. It was the name given to the underground, non-government approved spy organization based in New York.

In the real world, however, ISIS is the acronym used by an active Islamic militant group.

Reed decided he didn’t want any association to be formed with the group and he made the decision to have the name dropped completely.

The premiere episode will even show movers rolling a large circular blue sign out of the office, suggesting that they are doing away with the ISIS signage for good.

In addition to a big name change, there will also be a surprising career change in the new season as well.

Cast members hinted that Cheryl might be walking away from her country career in the upcoming season.

The good news is that many fan favorites will be making their way back to the show.

Crave Online reported that Pam will ditch the cocaine in the new season and go back to being “her old self.”

Meanwhile, Ron Cadillac and Archer’s rival Cyborg Barry will also be returning to the show.

The sixth season premiere episode will forever leave a special mark in Archer history as the first premiere episode to show Ray Gillette out of his wheelchair.

Of course, the cast also made it clear that there are even more surprises in store that they didn’t even begin to touch on.

Season 6 of Archer will air on FX in January.