9 Best US Cities for Black Tech Entrepreneurs to Thrive



With the second-highest percentage of African-Americans with college degrees (D.C. is the first), Atlanta is definitely one of America’s most-educated and fastest-growing cities (Atlanta attracts more African-Americans than Dallas and Houston combined). As it expands, jobs and opportunities continue to increase. Access to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the metro area’s low cost-of-living and working expenses have encouraged many young startups to try Atlanta, as cited by USA Today.



Seattle is definitely a place where African-Americans should consider living. Not only does Seattle consistently rank as one of America’s highest-paid and employment-friendly cities, it is also great for millennials. If you value diversity, you’ll appreciate Seattle, as some of its areas lead the country. Techies love Seattle. Plus, the growth in aerospace and high-tech employment creates precisely the kinds of high-wage jobs that are lacking in many parts of the country.



The Windy City, America’s third-largest metropolis, would rank much higher if it were evaluated purely on its strong universities and thriving entertainment, according to Businessweek. These factors make it an ideal place for young Black professionals and entrepreneurs. Chicago’s Techstar, a tech lab, has a formal mentoring program that lasts 12 weeks, and Chicago has made an effort to encourage experts from a variety of different verticals to support up-and-coming companies, creating a successful tech ecosystem, as reported by Forbes.

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