9 Best US Cities for Black Tech Entrepreneurs to Thrive



The San Francisco Bay Area and Oakland, California 

Many feel there’s a revolution of sorts brewing in the Bay Area – especially in Oakland. As this list’s highest-paid and most-diverse area, it’s no wonder many are flocking to the Bay. The Bay Area has been called a million-job market, due to the resurgence of tech and entrepreneurship there. The area will continue to “remain a magnet for talent and innovation” and “dynamic economy,” according to Jeffrey Michael, director of the Stockton, California-based Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific.




More African-Americans than ever are moving to Dallas. It is swiftly growing into a professional African-American magnet due to massive opportunities and low cost-of-living. Dallas-area startups and entrepreneurs have been migrating downtown as the core business district becomes a more attractive place to work and live, says John Crawford, CEO of the economic development group Downtown Dallas. Technological industries lead in Dallas, providing ample growth and opportunity for tech entrepreneurs.

 Night Falls on Buffalo Bayou


As the fourth-largest city in America, Houston boasts a large Black middle class and a solid economy. It is also one of the most-affordable cities in the nation. Phrases like “the new Black Mecca” and “the next Atlanta” have been used as if Houston is currently the best-kept secret in Black America. In fact, Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity ranked Houston among the top big cities for entrepreneurial activity in 2011, the latest data available. A booming oil and gas industry, which helped Houston withstand the worst of the financial crisis, has made the city attractive to entrepreneurs, according to Entrepreneur.com.


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