The New Era of Education Entrepreneurs Take to New Orleans to Grow Businesses

We have entered the new era of educational entrepreneurship, and a group of the latest emerging entrepreneurs focused on education has taken to New Orleans to further develop, grow and expand this businesses.

The teams behind nine new education-focused businesses came together for a unique accelerator program that is aimed at taking their companies to the next level.

The program is called 4.0 Schools, and it has the ability to help these teams develop educational solutions that could truly revolutionize the world.

For one month, 4.0 Schools will guide the nine teams through their accelerator program. Further guidance and assistance will be provided remotely after the teams return to the cities they are based out of.

The nonprofit education innovation lab is based in New Orleans with another location based in New York City.

Based on the companies’ record, the emerging entrepreneurs are certainly in good hands.

In less than five years, 4.0 Schools has helped more than 40 companies and business ventures reach the next level.

The key for the program is to not just focus on the typical entrepreneurial lessons that pertain to a broad number of businesses.

The program takes a special focus on trends in the educational sphere and preps the teams to be efficient in those areas.

With that being said, it’s no surprise that there was a great focus on the skills needed for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

Now, more than ever, it is essential for leaders in education to have a thorough knowledge of STEM and to be able to share that knowledge with students, partners, clients and others who hope to become entrepreneurs in the realm of education.

“We see trends shifting because we are seeing a new generation of parents that are very talented and well-credentialed,” Tony Zanders, head of communications and outreach at 4.0 Schools in New Orleans, told Forbes.

Zanders went on to say that the program seeks to make parents more aware and proactive about their children’s education.

The program also boasts a great deal of diversity in the teams.

The latest class at the program has six teams that are founded by entrepreneurs of color and seven of the teams are founded by women.

“We continue to be surprised by the places groundbreaking ideas for the future of schools can come from,” Matt Candler, founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools, told Forbes. “In this cohort alone, there’s a rocket scientist, an electrical engineer, a stay-at-home mom, a lawyer, a teacher and even students themselves.”

By the end of the extensive program, 4.0 Schools officials hope all the teams will have the tool and resources they need to return to their own communities and make a major impact in the future of education.