Aisha Tyler Talks Dirty to the President, Explains Why She’s Always Drinking

Archer star Aisha Tyler made some interesting confessions during an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday – admitting that she’s been talking dirty to President Barack Obama and doing a lot more drinking than usual.

The 6-foot comedian certainly has an interesting life, but her latest exploits may be some of the most intriguing ones yet.

During her interview with The Washington Post, she opened up about the first time she made President Barack Obama laugh.

“I did tell President Obama a joke the first time I met him when we kicked off the second surrogate program and, um, I actually can’t repeat it,” she said, hinting that the joke was a dirty one.

When the interviewer asked Tyler if she indeed told the president a dirty joke, she jokingly explained that it wasn’t too dirty for the president’s ears.

“It wasn’t really dirty,” she exclaimed. “It was just kind of inside baseball, a little bit, about television.”

Regardless of how dirty the joke was, it was enough to earn some presidential laughter.

“And I made him laugh, and I have a photo,” she continued. “I put it up on my Facebook for a while. I was very pleased with myself.”

Now that she has gotten comedic praise from the current leader of the nation, Tyler is ready to take on the type of high pressure situation that left comedy veteran Kevin Hart feeling quite intimidated – the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

“Kevin Hart told me at the White House Correspondent’s dinner this year that the whole thing seemed super intense,” The Washington Post’s Helena Andrews told Tyler. “Would you be up for that challenge?”

“Oh my God, in a heartbeat,” Tyler said. “It’s obviously a lot of pressure. But I think figuring out the math, like the right comedic algorithm for that night, would be a really fun problem to unlock.”

She admitted that many comedy stars haven’t been able to figure that algorithm out, but she’s totally up for the challenge.

It’s no surprise that Tyler is so eager to take on the challenge either.

Earlier in the interview, she explained that her greatest fear is to wake up one day without feeling challenged.

“I think two things scare me: not being challenged terrifies me more than being challenged,” Tyler said. “And trying to do everything as exceptionally as I can. I don’t believe in lay-ups. I always want to try and push myself to over deliver.”

For now, Tyler has delivered on the promise to challenge herself.

She’s currently juggling three TV shows – The Talk, Archer and BoJack Horseman.

In addition to dominating the comedy space on TV, she’s also still managing standup gigs, gamer conferences and other high-profile appearances like the upcoming USO gala on Friday.

Tyler will be hosting the gala, which is dedicated to honoring, celebrating and thanking the men and women in uniform who have dedicated their lives to protecting the freedoms of Americans.

For some fans, however, Tyler’s social media has them wondering if the star is battling with alcohol problems.

As it turns out, however, Tyler hasn’t been drinking for fun – she’s drinking for work.

“I’m actually starting a spirits company next summer, so now whenever I have a cocktail it’s research,” she said.

Tyler went on to say friends and fans have commented on all the pictures of her drinking and asked if she’s OK.

“Just know, like I order a drink, and I drink like this much of it [she indicates a thimble], and then I stop,” she told The Washington Post. “There’s nothing cute about a sloppy drunk.”