8 Mind-Blowing Energy Innovations That Will Make Electric Bills a Thing of the Past

blerds liquid metal batteries

Liquid Metal Batteries

In Australia, the solar PV boom is helping us learn about energy storage to using renewables to shave off the demand for fossil fuel power plants. As long as there’s still a peak later in the evening when solar power drops off, fossil fuel will be needed. Liquid metal batteries are the answer to our storage issues. We can store wind and solar, that’s game-changing, and one way to potentially do that is with inexpensive grid-scale liquid metal batteries that have been designed from the ground up for that very purpose.

blerds wave power

Wave Power Moving Forward, Slowly but Surely

Numerous studies have concluded that wave power — and to a lesser extent, tidal power — could contribute massive amounts to the overall energy picture, according to Yale e360. While the industry has made halting progress, experts agree that it remains decades behind other forms of renewables, with large amounts of money and research required for it to even begin to catch up.