8 Mind-Blowing Energy Innovations That Will Make Electric Bills a Thing of the Past

Transforming the way humans interact with their environment and ultimately impact it is the key to a healthy future. Here are eight innovative energy solutions, according to Tree Hugger.

Massive Wind Turbines

This might not seem like a big deal. After all, wind turbines have been getting bigger and bigger for decades. But it’s very cool that we’re able to build these massive beasts (it’s no easy feat of engineering), and since wind turbines are all about the surface area covered by the rotor blades, their size matters exponentially. Especially offshore where half the battle is just getting the equipment out there, it’d be almost as hard to install 2-megawatt turbines as 6-MW ones, so we might as well go for the big ones and get more clean energy out of the effort.

blerds robot solar

Robots That Install Solar Panels

Robots are extremely helpful and expedite repetitive tasks that require a high level of precision. So if we’re going to build massive solar power farms — either photovoltaic or thermal — we can reduce costs and do it faster with the help of our robotic friends. We can even have robots wash the panels and mirrors!