5 Ways to Get Black Kids Excited About STEM

Knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) can open up a wide array of doors for Black youths. By getting them interested early, they will perform better in school and potentially develop a love and aptitude for math and science. Here are five ways to get Black kids excited about STEM, according to Ebony Magazine. 


Connect to after-school STEM programs happening at your child’s school or in your local community center. 

Classroom lessons, plus the increasing time dedicated to prepare for high-stakes tests, rarely give curious students a chance to do the science and engineering activities that captivate their interests in these subjects. Academic extra-curricular activities such as Robotics Competition Teams, Science and Math Clubs, as well as Scouting Programs sponsored by civic organizations, are ideal outlets for youths interested in STEM. These programs and clubs host activities that reinforce classroom lessons, foster critical thinking and allow students to interact with mentors and other science-engaged students.