6 Organizations Every Black Nerd Should Know About

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3. Afrofuturism849 (Chicago)

Afrofuturism849 is a Chicago-based organization created by Floyd Webb and Ytasha Womack, dedicated to creating artistic and educational events and programs that support the Afrofuturist global community. “We encourage the visioning of a peaceful today and tomorrow that engages the best of diverse perspectives from the ancient to the future. We celebrate the intersection between Black cultures, indigenous cultures, technology, the imagination, liberation and mysticism as we champion innovation around the world. The number 8.49 is the apparent magnitude of Sirius B, a star celebrated by the Dogon. This star inspires people around the world, and we recognize it as one of many symbols of innovation, uncovered pasts and created futures.”

4. Black Science Fiction Society (National)

BSFS highlights, celebrates and develops science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, horror, movies, books, games, radio programming, and more.