6 Organizations Every Black Nerd Should Know About

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5. Tabernacle of Immaculate Perception (Pittsburgh)

The Tabernacle of Immaculate Perception exists to offer adoration and adulation to the revelation of historical and contemporary Black women and femininity. The Tabernacle of Immaculate Perception is dedicated to producing work that disrupts time as we commonly understand it and centralizes the humanity and stories of Black women/feminine. The TOIP also works to create environments that are slightly alternate other-worlds, using soundscape, storytelling, poetry, interactive ritual and visual arts. The Tabernacle opens to reveal a reflection of a future so gorgeous that forgotten and numbed dreams of little Black girls are re-awakened and revitalized.

6. GriotWorks (Philadelphia)

GriotWorks is a signature organization that specializes in producing and presenting artistic works based in African-American traditions and culture. We highlight our projects and global projects that represent our mission and work. GriotWorks connects people around the world to relevant themes in Black culture. We collect, document and share stories through mixed-media storytelling, discussions and social media. Our work sharpens audiences’ ability to critique, analyze and challenge mainstream media through the power of story. Projects include Griot Sway Youth Music and Video Project, Discussions on AfroFuturism: Black Myth, Media and Culture, and Cultural Competency Courses.

Do you have an arts and culture organization or project that uses Afrofuturism and Black speculative fiction to engage your community? Tell us below!