14 Young Entrepreneurs Using Technology to Change the Continent of Africa

lORNA_rUTOLorna Rutto, Kenyan, 28 years old

Green tech entrepreneur, founder of EcoPost

EcoPost is a company that produces environmentally friendly fencing posts. The company collects plastic waste to create the fencing posts.


Patrick Ngowi, Tanzanian, 28 years old

Ngowi set up Helvetic Solar Contractors Limited, a company that installs and maintains solar power systems throughout the northern circuit of Tanzania.

evans-wadongoEvans Wadongo, Kenyan, 26 years old

Chairman, Sustainable Development for All Kenya

Wadongo, an engineer, designed a solar-powered LED lantern called MwangaBora (Swahili for “Good Light”). It replaces dangerous kerosene lamps and firelight in rural Kenya. His company also helps people sell the lamps.

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