More Than Avengers: 13 Top Black Marvel Characters Of All Time


Misty Knight 

A former New York cop with a bionic arm, martial arts skills, and an attitude. After being involved with the Heroes for Hire operation for years, she is now a part of Valkyrie’s team of Lady Liberators where Misty continues to kick butt with style and sass.


Monica Rambeau 

After being exposed to extra-dimensional energy, Lt. Monica Rambeau gained the ability to manipulate various energies of the electromagnetic spectrum. She has gone by many code-names over the years whilst utilizing these abilities as a crime fighter. Monica has served alongside the Avengers in various incarnations and operated as their leader for a time.



Created by the military, Deathlok is a Cyborg from the future in the mainstream Marvel Universe, and several alternate universes as well, who wishes to regain his lost humanity. He is considered to be the premier cybernetic armor in the universe.

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  1. Wow, this is pretty out of date. Sam Wilson is Captain America now, not the Falcon. James Rhodes is the Iron Patriot, not War Machine.

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