Reusable Photo Wallpaper Allows Anyone to Turn Personal Memories into Chic Décor

In today’s digital age, more and more people are trying to find creative ways to display their memories and get their beloved images out of old photo albums that will eventually be banished to bookshelves or coffee tables only to never see the light of day.

WeMontage may have the perfect solution.

WeMontage allows users to upload their most cherished images, and the company will create a custom reusable wallpaper using those pictures.

The timing of the innovative product couldn’t be any more perfect.

With technology trends pushing toward creative solutions to displaying pictures and interior design trends boasting chic wallpaper as the solution for a great accent wall, WeMontage takes advantage of both industry opportunities.

The ability to customize the size of the collages also means that users don’t have to cover an entire wall with the images if they choose not to.

The removable images can be printed on a smaller scale and take the place of bulky picture frames and pesky nails in the wall.

WeMontage creator James Oliver believes that one day more consumers will decide to ditch the hammer and nail method of displaying pictures for a much more simple peel and press solution.

The product’s reusable design also doesn’t damage walls, making it the perfect solution for college students or renters.

According to Oliver, the idea came to him one day when he was watching a home renovation show on HGTV.

“I saw an interior design show on HGTV and they were covering the wall with large photo collages, but there was no way for me to do it,” he said.

The designer on the show used a much more complicated method to get the massive sheets of photo paper up on the wall, and Oliver wanted to make an easier way for consumers to get the same look for less effort.

Thus, WeMontage was born.

As of October, the company had nearly 1,000 paying customers getting their personalized images turned into chic displays.

While the company focuses on personal images like family photographs, it’s important to note that users can upload any images they want as long as they own the photo or already received permission to use the photo.

This means aspiring photographers could display their own images around their home or music lovers could post concert photos of their favorite artists on their walls without having to purchase any frames.

Once it’s time to move or redecorate, WeMontage collages peel right off the wall and can be reapplied later without any hassle.