11 of the Best Black Video Game Characters of All Time


Aveline de GrandpreAssassin’s Creed III: Liberation

She is the only female assassin in the series so far. De Grandpre plays the parts of a lady in New Orleans, an enslaved woman and a trained killer in an attempt to stop the slave trade.


Lee EverettThe Walking Dead

Everett is the most realistic character on the list. He is brave and a good decision-maker.

Ultimate-Marvel-vs.-Capcom-3-MVC3-Character-Render-stormStormUMvC3 and others

The Marvel Comics character makes her presence known in the Marvel vs. Capcom game franchise.

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  1. Good list but kinda sad cause this is just about it when it comes to black video game characters.

  2. Marlow Briggs…XD