11 Black Male Directors Besides Spike Lee Who Have Established A Respectable Career Behind The Camera

out-of-time-2003-tou--02-gCarl Franklin

Notable Works: House of Cards (2013-present), Out of Time (2003), Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

Impact: Franklin was a former actor working on the hit 1980s show The A-Team. He has directed Denzel Washington in two neo-noir films that show off his flair and style for directing crime drama and action scenes — Devil in a Blue Dress and Out of Time. In the 2000s, he became a major TV director, working on House of Cards and 2014’s The Affair for Showtime. Franklin is making a Tupac Shakur biopic.


Ernest R. Dickerson

Notable Works: The Walking Dead (2010-present), Juice (1992),
The Wire (2003-08)

Impact: Dickerson began his career in film and TV as a cinematographer shooting most of Spike Lee’s early films. He is the most prolific TV director on this list. He has worked on many Showtime, HBO, FOX and ABC TV shows since the 2000s. Aspiring television directors should look at his body of work.

11 of the Best Black Video Game Characters of All Time

In the world of video games, the main characters tend to be white men with five o’clock shadows. As times have progressed, the video game landscape has become more diverse. Here are some of the best butt-kicking characters who happen to be Black:


Sazh KatzroyFinal Fantasy 13

Katzroy is a loving father and airship pilot in this franchise.



RochelleLeft 4 Dead 2

Before the apocalypse, she was a low-level associate producer at a news station waiting for her big break. She thought that the flu outbreak would give her that break, but she ended up fighting for her life.

10 Black Sci-Fi Characters Who Weren’t Turned into ‘Cannon Fodder’

In horror and sci-fi films, there are very few minority characters. The few who are part of the cast tend to be used as a plot device or are killed off. The term “cannon fodder” literally means cannon food. Soldiers are the metaphorical food for enemy cannon fire, or, in this case, they are the reason other characters fight on in sci-fi films. Here are characters who go against the trend:


Selena from 28 Days Later

Selena was the smartest person in the film. She managed to escape the fastest zombies up to that point by not being stupid.


Zoe Washburne in Serenity and Firefly

Washburne is one of writer Joss Whedon’s underrated female characters. She is the most resourceful and reasonable character in Firefly, and her death would have only ruined the show.