Love Supernatural Stories? ‘Daughter of Gods and Shadows’ is for You

Eden Moore is the protagonist in the first series of the trilogy (“Daughter of Gods and Shadows”) written by J.D. Mason as Jayde Brooks. Eden is a lost soul looking for her purpose in life, a shy and awkward 24-year-old individual who discovers that her destiny has been set in motion thousands of years before her existence in another realm.

I felt like I was reading a collection of miniseries biographies, as the first half of the book gave me a history lesson on Eden, the gods, demons, their powers and their purpose. A much-needed necessity as the second part of the trilogy will be titled “City of Dark Creatures.”

The book reads like Season 6 of HBO True Blood and I say that because literally anything can happen. Set in modern times, but entwined with unpredictable supernatural concurrency. It tends to flip back and forth, from reality to fantasy, then all mixed in at times.

“Eden would finally finish what the redeemer had been called to do, and Eden would succeed where Mkombozi had failed. She had no choice.”

A romantic at heart, I truly enjoyed the love story between Eden and her Guardian from the time he came into her life and the effect he had on it.

The second book should be more engaging and easy to follow for the readers, now that the first book has explained the characters and their intent. Note to audience: You should pay attention to details and be good at taking notes.

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  1. I read the Vampire Huntress series by L.A. Banks ten years ago. It spoiled me for all fantasy & sci-fi. Your likening it to the final season of True Blood was a turn off. I left the middle of the second season. If I can't read this without a scorecard it is poorly constructed and not worth my time.

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