Astrology or Science? Calculate your Geek Zodiac

Navigating this complex world has never been more difficult. And as we yearn for our destiny, our purpose and, perhaps most importantly, our sense of self, the Geek Zodiac is here to help. The Geek Zodiac transforms astrology with a novel spin on an old science. Based on the ancient Chinese system, the GZ replaces the 12 animals with the most iconic archetypes in popular culture and creates a gorgeous and meaningful array of superheroes that we can all relate and aspire to. Each week, the GZ delivers a fortune cookie to your email box with humor, advice and some geeky insight. Having difficulty relating to others? Perhaps you are an Alien. Do you frequently find yourself saving the world? It’s rough being a Superhero. Are you one of those people who believes in a code of honor? Perhaps the code of the Samurai may be what you were looking for.

The Geek Zodiac was created by James Wright and Josh Eckert, a writer and artist respectively, who brainstormed their desire to see the famous Bill and Ted return from their most excellent adventure through time and form the Avengers with heroes from the past. With that initial concept, the two formed the Geek Zodiac astrological wheel and filled it with their greatest heroes, thereby forming a scientific link between pop culture, the earthly elements and true Geekdom.

In 2012, they launched their website and began crafting a storyline to bring their characters to life. “Geek Zodiac: Infinity Core” is their first comic book, with subsequent issues in the works. And after so many requests from their fans, the duo finally published the “Geek Zodiac Compendium,” showing the GZ history, evolution and background, now available on Amazon.

So what’s next? According to Wright, he’s just happy that so many find the weekly horoscopes helpful! “The response from our fans has been amazing,” he noted. “We hope to continue delivering our geeky words of wisdom as we continue developing the GZ story.”

Interested Geeks can find out their signs and register for their free weekly horoscope at:

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