12 Disturbing Facts About Your Mobile Phone


Watch Out for Headphones, Jack

While lint also can wreak havoc with headphone jacks, far more damage is done by people who keep their headphones always plugged in, says Alyssa Voorhis, senior tech analyst for Gazelle, a buyer and seller of used phones.

“The stress of bumps and jolts to the plugged-in headphones in the jack can arc the contacts of the connector and eventually break the solder,” she says. “So while lint is a temporary obstacle, a stressed jack leads to actual failure.”

 2007 Chrysler Sebring

Your Car’s Cupholder Is a Secret Phone Killer

You’ve just exited the drive-through at Mickey D’s, wolfed down a burger and finished a delicious shake. You toss the container and drop your phone into the cupholder where the drink used to be. Then, for no apparent reason, your handset stops working.

“The charge port on the bottom of your phone can be an Achilles’ heel,” says Gene Musser, director of RadioShack’s Fix It Here! program. “The condensation from your drink will wick onto the copper contacts of the charge port and cause water damage.”

The solution: Find a better place to stash your phone while you drive. Or ask for extra napkins.


Lipstick Traces on Your Phone? Not Pretty

Does your phone suddenly sound muffled? Blame your face powder.

“We are always finding iPhones clogged with makeup,” Forsythe says. “Unlike other materials, makeup tends to stick around, making it hell on the speakers.”

This problem was more common when people carried BlackBerry devices, says Gazelle’s Voorhis.

“Makeup rarely has the opportunity to gunk up speakers because the number of people who apply makeup to their ears is relatively small,” she says drolly. “However, pancake or powder will find its way into the crevices of a physical QWERTY keyboard held to your face.”