12 Disturbing Facts About Your Mobile Phone


You Can’t Dry a Wet Phone by Sticking It in Rice. Sorry

You’ve just dropped your phone into the toilet. So you pop it in a box of Uncle Ben’s Instant and hope for the best.

Rice try. The idea that you can magically dry out your phone by burying it in a baggie of basmati is just a myth, says iCracked’s Forsythe. “The damage doesn’t happen because the water is jangling around inside the phone, it happens when water shorts out the internal circuits,” he says.


Many Phones Bend; Others Just Shatter

The “Bendgate” scandal that affected some iPhone 6 Plus models following its debut isn’t especially unusual. Pretty much any large phone with an aluminum frame will bend under the right conditions, Forsythe says. That includes the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus.

Once a phone gets bent, it’s hard to fully unbend, he adds, but it may still be usable. The bigger issue is whether the logic board screwed to the phone’s frame has been damaged. If so, you may need to replace both it and the frame.


Your Phone Is Literally Buggy

You know how inside every hot dog there’s a small but unnerving number of bug parts? The same may be true of your phone.

Why? Because it’s nice and warm in there, says RadioShack’s Musser. Tiny mites crawl in through the headphone jack or charging port and curl up for a nap.

They won’t hurt the phone, just like eating a hot dog lightly seasoned with cockroach antennae won’t kill you (at least, not right away). But if it’s something that, well, bugs you, you can buy an insect-shaped dust plug for your headphone jack and charge port.