Tired of Cracking Your iPhone Screen? Apple May Have Plans for Simpler, Sturdier Materials

The one criticism that has plagued the iPhone for years was the fact that it typically has reigned supreme in the land of incredibly fragile devices. While the latest model has emerged with studier materials to address that issue, it seems like Apple had a much more complex way to solve this problem a few years ago.

A phone screen can’t crack if the phone never lands on the screen, right?

That’s essentially the idea behind Apple’s idea for a cat-like iPhone design, which the company has already obtained a patent for.

The drawings in the unpublicized patent were discovered and released by Appleinsider and revealed a design that would allow the iPhone to detect when it was falling and then adjust its trajectory in order to make sure it doesn’t land on the most fragile part of the device – the screen.

Through the use of different sensors on the phone, it would detect which part of the phone is in imminent danger and likely to have a potentially catastrophic impact.

The phone will then use vibrations to adjust the phone in mid-air.

Of course, there will be times when a vibration won’t be enough to prevent a shattered screen, so the designs also include gas canisters that would “deploy the compressed gas outside of the device to change its orientation.”

The only catch is that some tech lovers believe Apple may have already ditched these plans for now.

The patent was filed back in 2011 and features a drawing of what seems to be an iPhone 4.

That means roughly three years have gone by without the “cat phone” coming to fruition.

Some see that as a sign that the company simply decided to create a more sturdy, seemingly unbreakable phone rather than focusing on how to keep a fragile device from having a tragic fall.

Others, however, believe it just means that the patented system will be a part of the iPhone’s design later down the road.

If that is the case, Apple will truly have a rather indestructible device on its hand that is not only sturdy but also able to defend itself against a clumsy owner.

The materials used to create the iPhone 6 have already earned the device the title of “least breakable phone ever” by SquareTrade.

Combining these materials with the patented cat-like technology, users would be able to keep their iPhones safe and functional for years.

Not all consumers are thrilled by the patent, however, with some arguing that the idea lacks any real creativity.

“Apple shouldn’t be allowed to own this patent,” said one RT.com reader. “It is very simple in Theory. You just add or subtract weight on different locations of back cover or side of the phone and heavier side will hit the floor first if drops. There is no creativity in making a fool out of general public.”