10 Awesome Anime, Video Game Cosplay Ideas for Female Blerds


Emerald – RWBY

Emerald is one of the newer African-American females to be introduced to the anime world in the Web series RWBY by Monty Oum. The petite fighter is one of the bad guys of the series but has a quirky personality that has won her a fan base of her own. While she hasn’t had much spotlight in the series just yet, she has already proven herself to be quite the intelligent character after a brief discussion about literature with Tukson during an episode titled “Best Day Ever.”


Shinobu – No More Heroes

From the video game-turned-anime series No More Heroes, the teenage assassin is a great choice for any female cosplayer. The deadly fighter is on a mission to settle a score with the man who killed her father and quickly reveals herself to be a serious threat to anyone who crosses her path. Shinobu also goes through some rather complex conflicts of interest when she believes the man she loves is her next target.