6 Best Video Game Controllers Of All Time That Changed Gaming Forever

Sega Dream Cast Controller


Awwwwwwww yeah, this right here? My gamer, this controller right here was my favorite. The Wii U pad wants to be the Dream cast controllers soooooo bad. This controller had the external memory drive that you could play mini games while you were on the go, bathroom whatever. Don’t even get me started on when you had to load in the rumble pack for this bad boy right here. Yeah, you had to load in the the mini memory device, and the rumble pack, it felt like you were straight up putting mad ammo into a sniper rifle every time you heard that double *Click-Clack*. If you didn’t shout out, “It’s okay I’m relooooooooooadeeeeeed” at least once when setting up then you are a god damn liar or taking life’s small miracles for granted. It also looks like this controller is the distant cousin to the X-Box controller.