6 Best Video Game Controllers Of All Time That Changed Gaming Forever

The Winner(imo): The GameCube Controller


YASSSS LAWD! YAAAAASSS! This controller is it man. IDC, IDC, I-DON’T-CARE!. When you gotta make sure this sh*t is adaptable for your future consoles? Come on man, this just feels good. It rests perfectly in the hands, buttons all a good distance away from one another (even you Z button). Great weight, great balance, this controller is an instrument of massive destruction in the right hands. I know a lot of you may be thinking, “Bs. What about the PSX controllers?” Those are great, especially in fighters when doing the Hadouken motion or holding down the turbos in them NBA Streets games. However, nah. I’m not giving it to you off of that alone. That GameCube controller is straight up built for adventure, my gamer. I think I got fonder memories with this controller more so than with the Playstation. When I get called into war this is the piece I’d be taking with me or as Cory Gunz said, “{GAMECUBE} PIECE ON MY SIDE, CAUSE AIN’T NO PEACE ON MY SIDE.”

Source: Omar Holmon at blacknerdproblems.com