5 Unexpected Ways Gaming Can Enhance Real-Life Skills


Using Weapon Sights

This one is fairly obvious as more and more first-person shooters are using real-world weapon designs and modifications to include in their games. In fact, I can probably walk into the hunting section of a Kmart and name about 90 percent of the weapons they’ve got in stock because of how real world most first-person shooters have been taking their arsenals. The margin of error with which game designers are using weapon sights in their titles has become minuscule to almost none. I came to this realization when my father-in-law introduced me to target shooting. Though he was an excellent teacher in the short amount of preparation that I underwent with him before he placed a weapon in my hands, the familiarity with which I was able to use even simple iron sights to line my targets up was definitely rearing its head through the muscle memory that hundreds of hours of trimming the tops off enemy Nazis had imbued. Enough so that I even got fancy with a little bit of our next skill.