9 Robots That Could Take Your Job In 2015

In our modern world we will be interacting with robots that at some point in time had a person doing its job. Robots might make the consumer happier but robots are taking away human jobs at a record pace, according to Deloitte . Even though the report is about jobs in the United Kingdom, it is still a global phenomenon. If this continues—and it will—the unemployment rate will also increase as the world’s population increases as well.


Sales Clerks

Most stores like Walmart and Kroger have begun to push self-help checkouts. The self-checkouts have made the consumer more independent but has taken away jobs for needy people. At this point, those machines need a human to work out the occasional bugs and help customers who have issues, but in the near future people will not need to oversee them anymore.


Hotel Concierge

Just like the self-checkout, these machine concierges will take away human concierges.