7 Jobs That the Internet Killed



Media-Distribution Stores

Thanks to the convenience and limitlessness of the Internet, the once-popular video stores are dwindling in number. The Internet has made movies so accessible that it has eliminated the need to leave one’s home to get a movie. Video-streaming services like Netflix give consumers instant access to a library of selections. The change in the video-distribution industry is one of the main reasons Blockbuster closed its retail stores and ended its mail-distribution services.



News reporting has been greatly affected by the ever-growing Internet. Today, news is not only spread by newspapers, TV, radio and magazines, but also through social media, blogs, podcasts and a variety of other media platforms available because of Internet access. Even the speed of the news cycle has been intensified as news is circulating 24/7 with social media. News distribution is in the hands of everyday citizens as much as it is with seasoned veterans.

Blerds_film rolls

Camera Film Developers

Digital camera and photo-sharing technologies have made going to the film store almost unnecessary. Unless you need an old film roll developed, sharing photos has become easier than it’s ever been because of the Internet. Applications like Instagram allow you to photograph, edit and publish your photos and videos.

Blerds_Music store

Music Store Attendants

Much like the video stores, going to a music store isn’t necessary now that songs can be bought a la carte on the Internet. People purchase their music through iTunes or stream it online through services like Pandora or Spotify. The Internet also opens the door to pirating music and downloading it for free.



The Internet is a massive source of instantaneous information. Powerful search engines like Google provide more information much faster than the local librarian. Access to books, studies and any other published material can be found at the click of a button.

Blerds_mail carrier

Mail Carriers

Easy access to email and countless other messaging tools fueled by the Internet has lessened the demand for mail carriers. The U.S. Postal Service reduced its workforce from 623,000 in 2009 to 491,000 in 2013, according to The Washington Post.



The Internet has become a hot bed for innovation and creativity. Self-publishing through blogs or other means has been successful at generating and attracting a larger audience.