10 of the World’s Biggest Recent Hacks and Data Breaches That Deserve Your Attention

Target Stores-Lg


Hackers took aim at Target shoppers late last year after they reportedly installed software on the credit card machines. Users who swiped their cards while shopping with the major retailer were suddenly at risk and their personal information was compromised. Initially, it was believed that 40 million customers were impacted, but the final tally revealed about 70 million people were put at risk.


T.K./T.J. Maxx

The T.K./T.J. Maxx hack happened back in 2007 but still stands as the largest data breach of a retailer in the U.S. to date. More than 94 million shoppers’ information was compromised, and a whopping 45 million consumers were confirmed as being impacted by the massive hack. The hack left a huge mess for banks to clean up as many had to reissue new cards to consumers and keep a close watch on consumers’ accounts to identify whose information had been jeopardized.

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