10 of the World’s Biggest Recent Hacks and Data Breaches That Deserve Your Attention


Court Ventures

The Court Ventures data breach caused a lot of panic for two reasons — the sheer number of people impacted and the lack of accurate and clear cut reporting about the matter. Initially, it seemed as if Experian databases were also compromised by the hack, but eventually the company explained that only data that had been maintained and owned by US Info Search had been affected. Either way, that didn’t cut down on the number of people who were placed in jeopardy. A whopping 200 million records were at risk, although it needs to be noted that the hacker didn’t manage to get through many of them.



In 2013, hackers obtained millions of Adobe customer IDs and passwords. To make matters worse, they were able to access credit and debit card information as well. Initially, it was reported that about 38 million Adobe customers were impacted by the hack, but that number has grown substantially since then.

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