Samsung Brings Curved Display to Its New PC

Samsung’s curved-design for HDTVs now comes to its PCs.

On Dec. 30, the company announced a brand new Ativ One 7 Curved, an all-in-one Windows machine. The 27-inch display has a 1920 x 1080 panel with vivid color and amazing viewing angles.

It is supposed to trick your eyes into believing the display is larger. Samsung has listed the display at 4000R. There is more immersion and less glare. 

The Ativ One 7 Curved features a slight curve in its screen that isn’t as clear compared to recent 4K TVs.

The actual computer aspect features an Intel Core i5 chipset and 8GB of RAM standard. The Ativ One 7 is not a traditional powerhouse type of PC. However, it should be sufficient enough for basic gaming and movie watching.

Inside, there is a 1TB, 5400 rpm hard drive with an embedded flash drive. There are  four USB ports and two of them are USB 3 types. There is also an SD / media card reader.

In terms of software, there are Samsung’s extra features built over Windows 8.1. The program SideSync 3.0 lets you receive texts and calls from your phone on the PC. You can also fully control your smartphone by mirroring the phone’s screen to the PC’s screen on the Ativ One 7’s 27-inch display.

Samsung will start releasing the Ativ One 7 in the first few months of 2015 for an estimated $1,299.