Sean Mack: Creating Art All Black People Can Relate To

This year has been very heartbreaking for the Black community, and it’s imperative that we not only support the Black artists who continue to use their work to make their and our lives better, but who also want to contribute to the resurgence of our community. Those who want to share light. Those who want to tell stories with their talent, to open the eyes of the masses.
So support we shall!

Name, Age, Hometown:

Sean Mack, 27, Saginaw, Michigan

When did you start drawing (or when did you begin to take drawing more seriously)? What made you start drawing, and why do you continue?

I’ve been drawing since I could pick up crayons, really. I’m not sure what started it really. I just loved to draw things as a kid. Ghostbusters. Ninja Turtles. I drew in notebooks, walls, all that. My folks told me they think I got the creative side from my grandmother because she was into arts and crafts so that may be where it stemmed from. I continued because it was something I loved to do. I wasn’t really into much of anything else like sports and all that jazz. I just loved to draw.

How would you describe your main (if you have many) drawing style?

I’d say it’s a melting pot of a lot of things that influenced me as I was growing up. Comics, animation – both American and Japanese — and life mostly. It’s not based on realism, but I try to keep a feel of it at least in my art somewhere.

Do you practice discipline, where you draw even when you don’t feel like it, versus drawing when you want?

Yeah definitely. There’s plenty of times I’ve basically forced myself to draw when I didn’t have the energy to. I may not draw every day but it’ll be enough time for me to not get rusty and lazy with things.

What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve created? Your least favorite?

My favorite so has to be the work I did with C.J. Johnson on his graphic novel KOBK (Killed Or Be Killed). I think I love it because it was basically challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and because I never really did a full graphic novel before. My least favorite? I’d had to say one of the first freelance jobs I had. It was for the producer duo from England and it just didn’t go down great at all, haha.


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