6 Tips For College Success That Could Seriously Change A Student’s Life

Getting into college can be a difficult and arduous journey. However, getting in is just the tip of the iceberg. Most people should know that studying is important and procrastination is a problem. Staying in and getting the most out of your education is a process in of itself. There are resources that most students don’t know about. Here are a few tips to ease the burden of getting a college education.


Learn and Harness Skills Outside of the Classroom

College will not teach you everything about life and success. You have to take the initiative and enhance skills unrelated to your major. If you like to cook, buy cookbooks. If you like photography, join your school’s photography club or start one. If you like art, buy a sketchbook and watch popular art tutorials on YouTube. Just learn more.


Paid Internships 

After your sophomore year, you should know what you want to do by this point. This is the time to get an internship and a few job-shadowing experiences. Internships give you the opportunity to test the waters and gain experiences at top companies and smaller ones, too. Avoid unpaid internships. There are many paid internships that start at minimum wage and go up. If you do get an unpaid internship, make sure you can get college credit for that work. That means one less class you have to pay for. Speak to your counselors for more information.