7 Hip-Hop Lyrics That Could Actually Teach You A Lot About Entrepreneurship


“Get your money right, be an international player, don’t be scared to catch those red-eye flights / You better get your money right, ’cause when you out there on the streets, you gotta get it — get it” — “Get Your Money Right,” Dr. Dre

Learn to control your money. Savings, debts, credit and so many other aspects of money management are valuable in all phases of life, not just entrepreneurship. If you mismanage your finances, you lose your business and your dream.

Rakim“You’re just a rent-a-rapper, your rhymes are Minute Maid / I’ll be here when it fade to watch you flip like a renegade.” — “Follow the Leader,” Rakim

You are a product. If you want people to remember who you are, you have to offer something unique and worthwhile. Give investors and consumers a reason to give you their money.