‘Fight Like a Girl’ Second Issue Review

In the second issue of Fight Like a Girl by David Pickney and Soo Lee, we find Amarosa continuing on to her second trial. She’s a witty, spunky, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer Black girl heroine. Her brother is sick, and she is going through a series of trials set forth by a rather mysterious council of gods in order to save him.

At the beginning of this issue, Amarosa is talking with Kaiden (who I’m assuming is her boyfriend). Although he was previously very supportive of her, he’s doubting her ability, the worth of her actions if something were to happen to her, and even questioning if she would do the same for him as she is for her brother. Needless to say, that struck a nerve. She leaves him standing there, which I’m assuming is the end of the hint of romance.

This trial finds her in a future wasteland. Expecting zombies, the sprite laughs and tells her how ridiculous that is. Apologies for the spoiler, but as a zombie enthusiast, I was right there with Amarosa. I won’t tell you what challenge was behind door number two, besides crushing your hopes for zombies, but it’s still pretty killer.

I love Lee’s use of the vivid pink for the backdrop of this issue. It contrasts very nicely with the browns, grays and blacks of the barren wasteland and really makes Amarosa pop. The brilliant sky, monochromatic buildings, and rich colors of Amarosa’s clothing and glasses each creates a distinct separation that makes the world seem to come to life and leap off the page at you.

Pinckney’s use of dialogue to establish a wonderful banter between Amarosa and the sprite are definitely a large (and humorous) chunk of this comic. Their interactions in this issue are reminiscent of Katniss Everdeen’s interactions with Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games – the somber warrior fighting her battles while a chirpy, prying interviewer tries to drag out and sugarcoat her life story. The sprite informs Amarosa that people from all the “multi-realms of the heavens” are watching and asks about her brother, but I get the sense that there is some actual concern and a mutual respect. This issue focuses a little more on her inner dialogue and we get to see more of what is going on inside the head of our spunky heroine.

Pickney and Lee continue to deliver in a comic full of adventure and a heroine full of sass. Though it seems we’re no closer to seeing her brother, and the gods council was mysteriously absent this round, Fight Like a Girl keeps the reader turning to see what Amarosa will do next!

Source: Diondra Powers at Black Girl Nerds