10 Free or Inexpensive Educational Apps That Could Help Underprivileged Students Close the Racial Achievement Gap

Splash Math

Splash Math is another fun app that reinforces math skills for students. So far more than 6 million kids, all at varying grade levels, have used the app. Splash Math goes beyond just addition and subtraction and also helps students grasp multiplication, division, geometry, fractions and telling time. The game not only lets children practice their math skills, but it also makes it easy for parents to keep up with their child’s progress and see what areas they need the most improvement in. The app’s effectiveness has also earned it several coveted awards including the Tabby Award for the Best Education and Training App and the title of Best Elementary Student App by BestAppEver.com.


Practice English Grammar

With more than 1,000 questions and over 750 flashcards, Practice English Grammar is arguably one of the most thorough and beneficial apps for students who need help with English and grammar. It’s free to download the app and in-app purchases are never more than a few bucks, but the results are well worth it. The app is one of the only English apps that has a particular focus on preparing students for some of the most widely used standardized tests. In addition to packing the app full of useful lessons, it also integrates more than 100 educational games to help reinforce what students should be learning both in the app and in the classroom. With a nomination for Best Educational App of 2014, Practice English Grammar stands out as a truly effective tool to boost English and grammar proficiency for students who may have fallen through the cracks otherwise.

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