10 Free or Inexpensive Educational Apps That Could Help Underprivileged Students Close the Racial Achievement Gap



Blogging has emerged as a fun, interactive and effective tool in the modern classroom. Student blogs can be used for everything from creative writing assignments to group projects to giving live feedback about a course. The problem is that most blogging sites don’t allow young students to blog away in a secure environment. Kidblog, however, does. The safe blogging site allows teachers to set up classrooms for their students and make sure their content remains private and safe while still being able to share it with other students if needed. The Kidblog app is free and it costs teachers less than $30 a year to set up Kidblog for their classes. According to feedback from Kidblog users, the app boosted the level of involvement students had in class and the communication they had with each other as well as their teacher. Those healthy relationships can easily lead to boosting performance in the classroom.



Several studies have suggested that there are a significant number of students who understand key concepts but simply fail to turn in assignments or stay organized when it comes to their homework. Missing out on a few homework assignments is more detrimental than a few bad grades here and there. It also means students are missing out on important practices to reinforce what they learned in the classroom, and this could ultimately leave them behind academically. MyHomework is a tool recommended for older students, but it could also be a useful tool for parents to use with their younger children as well. The app helps students and parents organize what assignments need to be done, add due dates to the assignments and keep track of what has been completed. The app will also send students or parents assignment reminders when due dates are approaching. Students can also earn real rewards for completing their homework on time. The app also integrates with Teachers.io, allowing teachers to post announcements, class schedules and syllabi to the app as well.


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