Young Black Entrepreneur Launches New Site to Help Atlanta Job Seekers Find the Positions They Desire

One budding Black tech entrepreneur is going digital with his efforts to help both Atlanta residents find work and Atlanta businesses find new talent in the area.

Both Atlanta natives and recent transplants to the growing metro area might be surprised to hear that the Georgia city is ranked as one of the top cities for finding jobs.

According to Forbes, Atlanta is ranked the third best city to find a job despite the fact that unemployment in the city has remained relatively stagnant.

There are many factors that contributed to this trend, including the fact that just as many jobs were laying people off as there were companies bringing on new hires.

Another factor, however, could very well be the fact that people are struggling to find the jobs they want. That’s where could grow to be a saving grace for both employees and employers.

A young Black entrepreneur, McVincent Strothers, recently launched the mobile-friendly website in an effort to address the current hurdles in the job-hunting and employee-seeking processes.

“I saw a need for a mobile friendly regional job site and I decided to put together a site that was modern and reasonable for employers to post jobs and find qualified candidates,” Strothers said in a press release.

What makes such a valuable site is not only the fact that it tailors to a particular location, but it also caters to the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s professionals.

Its HTML 5 responsive design makes the site compatible with any screen size, thus enabling job seekers to scroll through listings on their phone or allowing employers to post new positions from a tablet.

All that digital convenience comes with a price, however.

The service will cost employers anywhere from about $30 for a month to $500 a year.

For now, Strothers is offering a special deal for employers as a part of an aggressive marketing campaign.

For the price of two unlimited year subscriptions, employers could get a lifetime subscription for $1,000.

This would allow them to post as many jobs as they wanted, as frequently as they wanted while also giving them a special half-off rate for a booth at certain job fairs.