9 Awesome Comics Represented at the Black Comix Arts Festival To Add To Your Collection

Che Grayson and Sharon De La Cruz:



“Rigamo” is a new mixed multi-media endeavor, combining comic books and film, about a young superhero named Kera Moore. Kera is a girl who discovers that her tears can bring people back to life. The caveat is that every time Kera revives someone it makes her advance in age, losing years from her own life.

Bill Campbell:



In 2029, in the “Basement” of Corporatica slugs a lowly waste disposal supervisor, MiG. Under the ever-present watchful eye of WHYSOC, the Iraq War veteran struggles to survive. Now, we find him fighting for his mind and his very existence as he begins losing his long-standing fight with PTSD and all his old nightmares have come back to life.