6 Ways To Create A Better Environment For Your Kids To Thrive

Toys and Dolls

I am amazed at the range of toys for little kids, especially the pretty Black dolls with natural hair. My first Black doll was not a pretty doll. Not at all. I think the improvement I see in them today is pretty awesome. For Christmas, my little one got Fiddlestix. Remember those? What about Lincoln Logs? As she grows, my little one will have colorful building toys like GoldieBlox and theme-based Legos. Certainly, the electronic apps and online games are endless. Truthfully, I think kids now do have better toys.



Reading fueled my imagination, and I went to the library frequently. As a kid, I honestly cannot recall one book that I had at home where the lead character was a person of color. Not one. Now, my little one has books galore that cover a range of experiences. Diversity within diversity. She is definitely getting the better end of the deal.

It’s funny because now “nerd” is no longer a bad word. As I reflect, I think those very hurtful experiences and the lack of acceptance I felt will help me be a better parent.

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  1. Thanks for letting me and wife know we are on the right track. I also teach the bible through home sunday school…helping them to understand the bible takes place in Africa.