7 Top Tier US Cities For Young Black Entrepreneurs



The city benefits from two things: commuters and the chamber of commerce. Commuters passing through provided sturdy business. Also, the chamber provides cheap advertisement and many state incentives for businesses. The city has an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. The average business revenue is $52,000 to $53,000.


New Orleans

The city has a lot of rich food, music and culture, and it’s also a thriving place for businesses. New Orleans businesses bring in on average $53,000-plus in revenue.



Houston has managed to create more jobs and keep rents manageable. The city has a very diverse mix of people who contribute to the success of the strip malls in the state. Houston is 18th out of 111 cities for Black business owners. It also has an average of $58,000 to $59,000 of revenue for the businesses. Houston has a low unemployment rate at 4.5 percent.

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  1. Are those unemployment rates for each city the **overall** unemployment rate?

    What's the rate for African Americans?
    Thanks for the other info!!!