9 Books Black Entrepreneurs Should Read If They Want to Unlock the Secrets to Success


‘Success Never Smelled So Sweet: How I Followed My Nose and Found My Passion’

by Lisa Price

Lisa Price is the founder of Carol’s Daughter, a company that creates hair, skin and bath products for women of color. In the book, she goes into great detail about the story of her life, starting from her time in Brooklyn to how she became the successful entrepreneur she is today. Through her book, Price’s personal philosophy comes to the forefront. She believes that life will guide all of us to our own inner truth regardless of the many obstacles that arise.


‘Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies and Resources for the African American Entrepreneur’

by Dante Lee

Dante Lee is the CEO of Diversity City Media, a marketing and public-relations firm based in Columbus, Ohio. This book is a very thorough advice book that discusses the entrepreneurial skills that African-American business owners must master in order to compete in a world where most new companies fail within three years. The book covers an array of topics that start from personal branding to strategies designed to ensure business survival.

7 Top Tier US Cities For Young Black Entrepreneurs

In a February report, NerdWallet released data on the 111 best cities that support the greatest prosperity for minority business owners. The list contained cities — big and small — that produced either large numbers of businesses or had high revenue streams. The list below shows major cities with mostly African-American populations and their impressive business gains.



Georgia has the third-largest consumer market, valued at more than $73 billion. The city of Atlanta also has decent and affordable housing that contributes to the migration to the city. According to NerdWallet, the average yearly revenue of many businesses is about $52,000-plus. Also, the thriving entertainment industry adds to the prosperity.



According to the NerdWallet data, Miami is 16th out of 111 cities, but the city has some impressive numbers nonetheless. Per 100 people, there are 14 Black/minority-owned businesses. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country at 5.5 percent.

10 Top Powerful Black People on Wall Street You Should Know


Ronald E. Blaylock

Blaylock is the founder and managing partner of GenNx360. The company has $600 million in capital under management and $1 billion in the company’s portfolio. Before starting GenNx360, Blaylock was CEO of Blaylock & Co., an investment banking firm he founded in 1993.


Cedric L. Bobo

Bobo is the principal of the Carlyle Group. He focuses on U.S. buyouts in industrial and transportation sectors. During his time as principal, he helped acquire a $43 billion private equity firm, AlpInvest Partners. In 2010, Bobo was a co-leader in the formation of a joint venture that acquired more than $5 billion in shipping assets, using up to $900 million in equity.