12 Replies to “Can Chadwick Boseman Be the First Major Black Marvel Superstar With ‘Black Panther’?”

  1. MARVEL needs to erect a statue to BLADE for making Sony and 20th believe there was money in superhero films. This MCU is due to the people who purchased the Blade rights for a dollar if I am correct and turned it into a film trilogy. Matter of fact in the Hollywood that is forever rebooting properties, why has Blade not been rebooted yet. In Hollywood terms it made money. This isn't some Black History Month courtesy film. Blade made actual green money but I'm seeing Ant-Man (no shade to Ant Man which I will see but no Blade)? Spidey, The Fantastic Four, Supes and Batman have risen from the dead more than Jesus. Help me understand here.

  2. Even if you're only talking about the MCU ( discounting the Blade films, the possibility of Michael B Jordan [Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four] or Alexandra Shipp [Storm in X-men: Apocalypse ] crushing it, etc ) there's always Mike Colter as Luke Cage to consider. Colter will be playing Luke Cage later this year in the 2nd Netflix/ Defenders series, Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones. He'll then be reprising that role early next year in his own series, Marvel's Luke Cage. Both of those series will drop before we see Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War… so fair odds that Panther will be shooting for 2nd even within the MCU.

  3. Tracy, before you post another ignorant article, you should do some homework, or better still ask someone who knows.

    The disrespect you just showed Wesley Snipes, Halle Berry and every other Black actor who played the role of a super hero, is worthy of every disdainable comment you are forced to endure for your blatant stupidity.

    Like many of your ilk, you ignore the contributions of Black actors who came along before your high-speed 4G mind could construct a sentence, let alone a thought.

    Let this a warning next time you decide to make a comment about film. Be aware that simply because your limited knowledge of Black cinema doesn't extend beyond Lil John's last video, doesn't mean it didn't exist.

    Black were making history before you knew how to blog.

  4. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate and say… maybe she's refering to major black marvel superhero as in the Marvel Movieverse. Nope! That doesn't even work. Even tho War Machine and Falcon don't have their own movie, they're still considered major characters. At least War Machine was in IM2

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