10 of the Best Apps for Parents Home-Schooling Their Children

homeschool helper

Homeschool Helper

This tablet app has been frequently cited as one of the best apps for parents creating lesson plans and tracking the academic progress of their kids while being home-schooled. The app allows students to easily calculate grades, keep up with any progression or regression in scores, plan lessons throughout the entire semester, manage book and assignment lists, plan field trips and so much more. It helps turn home-schooling into a more organized experience than it might be if tracking progress was still up to nothing more than pen and paper. The app, which is available on iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook and Android tablets, will only cost parents around $5.



One major concern for home-schooling parents is making sure their children are not only getting a personalized education but also making sure their children are keeping up with state requirements. Every state has a different set of requirements that parents need to be aware of, and that’s where iPlanLessons shines. The app allows parents to get a clear breakdown of all the subject matter and course content that is required for their particular state as well as track a student’s progress.