Is Ororo Munroe an Omega-Level Mutant?

Fam, it has come to our attention that a grave disrespect is being paid to our very own Ororo Munroe — Street name: Storm. Mundane title: Headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Regal title: Former Queen of Wakanda — and we can’t really stand for that anymore. What’s the offense? Throwing shade on the mohawk? No. There seems to be some confusion as to whether she is an Omega-Level mutant. Now Carrie McClain has been loving The Goddess of Thunder since Word One. And Leslie Light is the resident Storm comic reviewer. We’ve read the canon, y’all. For us there is no question, Ororo ranks at the very top of any mutant power rankings, alive or dead. For those who may doubt it, we’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

What’s an Omega-Level (OL) Mutant?

As with most Marvel things, there isn’t a canonical answer. The most accepted criteria is that the mutant must have the ability to extremely manipulate matter or energy at will and under their control. Other OL criteria include, but are not limited to: virtual immortality, strong psionic ability or telekinesis and the ability to exist outside of the current universe.

Who Are Some of the Omega-Level Mutants?

All the biggies show up here: Professor X, Magneto, Stryfe … perhaps due to her ability to be the avatar of the Phoenix, Jean Grey often shows up as the best example of an Omega-Level under the “ability to exist outside of the current universe” bullet point. More recently, Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, has been added to the list. He is an example of a character who has grown to become an OL mutant as he’s come to understand his powers more fully.

So, What Are Ororo’s Credentials?

Ororo is best known by her ability to control the weather. It sounds mundane when you put it that way, but let’s unpack that some. How does she control the weather? What she can actually control is the electromagnetic field of the entire planet, and other celestial bodies to boot. She can cause everything from a pleasant mist up to a full-blown Category-5 hurricane.