Fantastic Four 2015 Film, and a Look at Doom

So if you haven’t already heard, Fox finally released the full Fantastic Four trailer, and it’s pretty good. It has humor, drama, some action — an all-around good trailer. You’re not here for that though. You’re here for what we’re all here for, and that’s DOOM.

Now if you look closely, you’ll see glowing lines along his face. I say “face” because if this movie takes after the Ultimate Marvel Universe then that’s not a mask, it’s his actual skin. The Ultimate incarnation of Doom has a metallic hide, as his skin from “the accident” that also gives the Fantastic Four their powers. He also has weird-looking goat legs, so hopefully they leave that part out if they’re going the Ultimate route.

All in all Doom looks great in this trailer, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us. Hopefully, this movie is as Fantastic as it needs to be to really take the Fantastic Four in a new direction in the movieverse so we can forget all about Cloud Galactus. Oh yeah, I went there.