Analysts Predict Changes, Upgrades for iPhone 6S

The new iPhone 6S will introduce at least 11 new features that will enhance the product’s functionality, according to many analysts.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported Apple leaks in the past and has been right on the money previously. According to Forbes, Kuo spoke with investors about the possible 11 features the new model(s) will have when the phones are released in September.

“This year’s iPhone upgrade will feature a rose gold casing color, matching the Apple Watch Edition, according to one well-connected insider, who also revealed it will feature a 12-megapixel camera and 2-gigabytes of RAM, among other changes,” reports Appleinsider writer Neil Hughes.

These are still rumors right now, and nothing has been released from Apple about the new upgrades, official release or price. Everything is speculation and hearsay at this time.

There are few other specifications being thrown out. Kuo believes that there will be an A9 processor powering the iPhone 6S that will give the phone more processing speed and more power. The force touch feature will make the phone more applicable for handwritten signatures. There could also be another microphone added to enhance sound. On top of all of the upgrades, there is speculation that the casing materials will be stronger to prevent bending and wacky Internet hysteria.

The iPhone 6S and possible 6S Plus will continue Apple’s process of giving consumers a little at a time.